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Put the frozen spinach in the steamer basket. Pour water into the tank (level 3) and start the cooking process. Cut the chicken breast into small pieces and cook on a low heat with a little sunflower oil. Put to one side. Put the cooked spinach in the blender bowl and blend adding, if necessary, a little cooking liquid. Add the curry, the teaspoonful of liquid cream and blend again. Put your oven to preheat at 230° Mix the spinach and sweet corn in a salad bowl and add the pieces of chicken breast. Put all this stuffing together in sausage shape on the buckwheat pancake, then roll the pancake. Put the pancake in a baking dish, brush the top of the pancake with soft butter and put in the oven for 5 minutes. Keep an eye on how the pancake is cooking since sometimes there is only a bat of an eyelash between “perfectly crispy” and “burnt to a cinder”. Enjoy immediately.
Pour les
curieux de nutrition
Buckwheat may be called “blé noir” that is to say “black wheat” in French, but it does not contain any gluten. If you do not make the pancakes yourself, choose ready-made ones that only contain buckwheat flour, water and salt. That is all that is needed to make these pancakes. The buckwheat pancake and the sweet corn in this recipe will provide future mums with the starch they need and the complex sugars that will ensure that they have an ideal blood sugar level.
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There is no replacement for the fresh cream in the spinach/curry mixture, but you can dilute the curry with a little of the cooking liquid so that it is more evenly distributed. When you cook the pancake, brush it with a tablespoonful of olive oil and brown in the oven for the same amount of time.
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